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Letter: Justin Coward Memorial Basketball Tournament

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What is important: a coach’s letter

Dear Tony Seed,

I JUST READ your article about the Justin Coward Tournament (on sportsite.ca) and again feel excited, overwhelmed and very pleasantly surprised that such a tournament takes place and that the values it stands for are really at the forefront.

I am a new coach to basketball and, even though we are a Bantam C team – really an introductory team to competitive sport – coaching has been a very challenging experience, bringing out the best and the worst in me and challenging me to re-evaluate what my values in sport are. Continue reading

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Friendship First – The Justin Coward Memorial


I’M not so involved in sport these days. I play some masters’ basketball on Sunday nights during the winter and some cricket during the summer.

But, once a year, I fold up my tent, take five days off and travel to eastern Dartmouth and Cole Harbour. My time is no more than the selfless contribution of a legion of other families from the community, who also take this time off, enough to staff and run nine gyms. Here’s why:

There are tournaments and tournaments … and there is the Justin Coward Memorial, held each March just before the school break. Continue reading


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The Skin I’m In

Reviewed by CURTIS COWARD*

Shunpiking Magazine, Black History & African Heritage Supplement

The Skin I’m In: Racism, Sports and Education

By Christopher M. Spence

Fernwood Publishing, Blacks Point Ns, $15.95

HE HARDLY FITS the dumb jock stereotype. Author Christopher M. Spence is a former professional football player with the B.C. Lions; he holds a doctorate in education, lectures at York University and Humber College and is the principal at Lawrence Heights Middle School in Toronto. The Skin I’m In identifies the past and present problems of black athletes and the education system, yet he also highlights solutions to begin correcting the ongoing inequities and mistakes within the relationship.

A very valid message is delivered to students who place sports participation ahead of academic achievement, and an attempt is made to educate educators to fight against inequality, racism, and injustice in the education system and society. Continue reading

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Competition: Is winning everything?

kids baseball back cover.rgbBy CURTIS COWARD and TONY SEED*

Edited by Paul Healy

COMPETITIVE SPORTS can apply a lot of pressure on our youth. Baseball is no exception.

Young people register in baseball leagues for recreation, to be with their friends, or just to have fun. Many want to learn and become better at the game. But all join for positive reasons.

Learning and fun do not have to be two exclusive functions. Coaches, there is no law in baseball that says a player cannot have fun while learning. You can increase the knowledge, abilities, and skills in a manner which also improves the players’ enjoyment and satisfaction. Practice drills can be fun, but hard work is required to improve. Can there be fun which involves work? Of course! Why not? Continue reading

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