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Opinion: Media ethics in question over Australian athlete’s Olympic slander


BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) – The slander made by Australian swimmer Mack Horton against his Chinese rival Sun Yang was an inappropriate remark by an individual athlete, before biased media reports spun it into a row between Olympic fans and sports authorities of the two countries. Continue reading

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World Cup 2014: Denying rumours with actual facts

Sao Paulo, May 15, 2014. News agencies report that the government is negotiating with those organizations protesting the World Cup regarding their grievances to minimize the disruption to the sporting event. Investigations are also underway regarding police violence against protestors, Vermelho reports. (Xinhua)

2014 FIFA World CupOver the last months, the Dilma Rousseff administration and the Workers’ Party (PT) have been the target of a massive campaign in the media and the social networks against the hosting of the World Cup. Criticisms can always improve any given project, yet what we are witnessing in Brazil, now with international repercussions, is a pessimism and disinformation campaign led by the opposition, with critical support from the big media, in an attempt to undermine the government. This campaign makes use of fair claims made by the population for improvement in public services for the purpose of promoting a rhetoric hinged on the inefficiency of the State and public spending. It also seeks to separate the holding of the Cup from the federal government, simultaneously criticizing it yet mobilizing pro-Cup feelings to boost big business profits. Our international friends in sectors of the left have shown concern over news of the potential passage of legislation that would favor crackdowns on protests and social movements, in light of the 2013 demonstrations. Given this major disinformation campaign, we would like to share some facts with our friendly foreign parties.

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Sochi Winter Olympics: The media campaign against Russia


As the Olympic torch draws closer to Sochi, an international media campaign is in full swing, attempting to question Russia’s ability to provide a safe and tolerant environment for the athletes and guests of the Winter Olympics. The Oriental Review weighs in.

Setting aside the issue of whether the complaints about Russia’s human rights record or the alleged terrorist threats in Bigger Sochi region are legitimate, we should point out a couple of official goals of Olympism according to the Olympic Charter: Continue reading

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‘Iran ninjas athletes, not assassins’

IRANIAN female ninjas have rejected recent Western media report describing them as assassins, saying that they are training as regular athletes and martial artists, Press TV reports. Continue reading

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