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Militarism and sports

Raptors Camo

By Peter Miller and Daniel Lyder

An oft-repeated opinion in the sports media is that sports and politics should absolutely never mix. If an athlete chooses to use his or her spotlight to voice or display a social or political opinion sports journalists, sports owners, and sports executives will often voice their disapproval.

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Militarization of sports: CBC gives airtime to war


Sidney Crosby, bringing the Stanley Cup ”home” – to CFB Stadacona. Defence Minister Peter Mackay applauds.

SACKVILLE, NB (March 21, 2011) – FOR YEARS, Don Cherry has been using his segment after the first period of CBC’s Saturday night hockey broadcasts to honour Canadian troops and actively promote Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan. During Christmas 2010, Cherry visited military bases in Afghanistan and even launched a few weapons. Continue reading

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