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Israeli football, racism and politics: The ugly side of the beautiful game

palestine_indestructible_by_latuff2The so-called globalization of sports by big monopolies and the sports cartels (leagues, associations) has self-serving aims. Along with striving for domination of the global market, including control over human talent, these include the justification of the unjustifiable, from the racist and fascist South African regime in the 1970s and 1980s to Zionist Israel and the Bahrein and Emirate dictatorships today. Israel’s increasing integration into European competitions, despite its refusal to revive peace talks with the Palestinians, its violation of human rights and its illegal occupation of Historic Palestine, including illegal settlements in the West Bank, is contrary to the highest ideals of amateur sport. It should be met with international opposition of the kind faced by apartheid South Africa, writes JONATHAN COOK* from Nazareth – though not at the expense of the struggle of the Palestinian people themselves for their inalienable rights. – Tony Seed

[April 25, 2013] A DOZEN Palestinian teenagers from the West Bank village of Bilin stride forth in FC Barcelona jerseys, looking no different from thousands of other fans of one of the world’s leading football clubs. But moments later, in the shadow of the oppressive concrete wall, the group remove their shirts and drape them over razor wire the Israeli army has uncoiled around the village. The youngsters then set fire to the jerseys.

This protest, captured earlier this month on a YouTube video, is one of many by Palestinians and their international supporters as they step up their opposition to Israel’s increasing integration into world football, at a cost, say Palestinians, to their own sporting ambitions. Continue reading

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European Football rewards Israeli Zionist racism


I’VE juKick-Israeli-racism-out-of-UEFAst received a timely reminder about the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) under-21 finals to be held in Israel in June.

Given Israel’s unsporting record and sheer bloody-minded obstructiveness towards the Palestinians’ efforts to participate in national and international sport  (examples are listed below in Elizabeth Morley’s email), it is quite outrageous for the British government to applaud and reward the Tel Aviv regime’s racist behaviour. After all, the toffs who run our Westminster government were brought up on the playing fields of Eton and, we presume, had proper sporting values well and truly beaten into them. Continue reading

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Tommy Raymond Fair Play Award

CONGRATULATIONS to young Halifax soccer goalkeeper Samaran Radakrishnan, who is the 2012 recipient of the Tommy Raymond Fair Play Award. Samaran plays U12 for Halifax Dunbrack, a community-based team in the Capital Inter-District Soccer League (CISL). The trophy honours Tommy Raymond, who was known for realizing the motto of friendship first, competition second in soccerSamaran was one of three members of his U12 team to win awards for the summer season. The stand of these youth to uphold sportsmanship in competition rejects the “winning is everything and the only thing” attitude that is pervading amateur sports. Awards such as the Tommy Raymond serve to foster and strengthen the aspirations of young athletes to uphold the highest ideals of amateur sport. Continue reading

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American speed skater says coach ordered him to sabotage Canadian team

U.S. team sabotaged skates of Canadian short-track speed skater Olivier Jean so that he couldn’t compete in 5,000-metre relay at 2011 world team championships. (Robert Skinner/CP)


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) —Olympian Simon Cho said Friday (October 5) he agreed to a coach’s demand to tamper with Canadian Olivier Jean’s skates last year after the command was made a third time and in Korean by Jae Su Chun. Continue reading

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London 2012: Cuba will once again respect fair play

Cuba’s athletes have undergone one or more drug tests, all yielding negative results Continue reading

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World Baseball Classic II: How Major League Baseball manipulates national team rosters

WBC.2009.logo-clasico2The Canadian sports media, by individualizing player “no shows” as the “reason” for the first round exit of Team Canada from the Classic, deliberately overlooks the peculiar and self-serving rules dictated by the U.S. sports empire. This is how the U.S. organizes fair play, writes TONY SEED* in the second article of a two-part series. Part I is here.

HALIFAX (March 15, 2009) – BASEBALL CANADA, which extensively collaborates with the Toronto Blue Jays, capitulated to the U.S. baton in the preparatory meetings of the baseball federations to organize the Classic and became one of its first casualties.

WBC.2009.Team CanadaIn the wake of Canada’s elimination from the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the sports media in Canada nevertheless spread the news that it was in part due to the bad “attitude” of Canadian professional players such as pitcher Ryan Dempster, whom it alleges had chosen not to participate on Team Canada. The same refrain is struck to “explain” the absence of this and that professional basketball player from the Canadian national team competing for the Olympics. The news is presented in a decontextualized manner so that the weakness of the national teams in different sports is individualized. The players are presented as “selfish,” “me-first” “rogues,” who are completely devoid of “Canadian values” and thus deserve recrimination, scorn and ostracism. The real selfishness of a U.S. sports empire, which owns the contracts of the athletes and makes the decision as to their participation, is rendered obscure. Continue reading


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The future of Olympic baseball may regrettably be determined by manipulators and not champions of the sport


(August 25, 2008) – BASEBALL has now regrettably taken its last noble bow in the Olympics, at least for the foreseeable future. We are now left with the World Baseball Classic, where top big leaguer stars have yet to prove they are willing to take the event seriously by entering competition in mid-season form. And there is also the IBAF World Cup every two years, but that is an event few fans outside Cuba, Japan and The Netherlands pay much attention to, or even know anything about. Continue reading

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