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2018 World Cup. English fans pay respect to Soviet war dead with Stalingrad memorial wreath

Morning Star (June 18) – ENGLAND fans laid a wreath today in memory of Soviet war dead in a moving ceremony in central Volgograd. Continue reading


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Friendship first: What Celtic FC’s solidarity with Palestine can teach the world

Celtic fans fly Palestine flags


As the 2018 World Cup frenzy starts to take over the news cycle, it is essential that we highlight examples of how the sport has brought people together, such as is the case of Celtic FC and Palestine. Celtic Football Club, a football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, has consistently shown solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

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PyeongChang 2018: Friendship first – American luger stunned by Russian athlete’s generosity

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Silver medalist Chris Mazdzer of the United States poses during the medal ceremony for the Luge Men’s Singles at Medal Plaza on Feb. 11, 2018 in Pyeongchang | ANDREAS RENTZ/GETTY IMAGES

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PyeongChang ‘Peace Olympics’: Korean nation’s profound desire for peace and reunification sets tone

Photo shows joint Korean delegation entering PyeongChang Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony, February 9, 2018, ending the parade of nations. The Korean Unification Flag takes centre stage and flashes across the stadium seats with the name “Korea.”

A great sense of excitement surrounded the opening ceremonies of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with a united north and south Korean delegation participating under the Unification Flag. Continue reading

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Is winning everything?


When I was a boy, I loved sports. Baseball was my passion, and I could be found in the backyard, even in the middle of winter, endlessly throwing a rubber-coated baseball into the air and hitting it as far as I could with my bat. I played organized ball from the age of nine to twenty-two, in Little League, Pony League, American Legion, High School, College, and in town leagues. When I began teaching, basketball became my new sports obsession, and I played seven days a week for many years. Continue reading

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Korean Unification flag to lead delegation at Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea first compete together under the unification flag at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

On January 20 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formally accepted the proposal from the Olympic Committees of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) for Korean athletes to march in the opening ceremonies at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang on February 9 under the Korean Unification flag. Athletes from Korea marching in the ceremonies will wear a special uniform with the flag on it. Korea will also have one unified women’s hockey team, the first time the two National Olympic Committees have formed a unified sports team.
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Friendship First – An inspiring example

plane-crash-football-team-from-brazil-crashes-in-colombia-800x420-1480406519-768x403Brazil soccer postpones final weekend of play. South American Football Confederation awards Cinderella Team Chapecoense 2016 Copa Sudamericana championship after horrific plane crash. Continue reading

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