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Cricket World Cup 2019: Facts and a very un-English history


The Cricket World Cup 2019 commenced on May 30 with England and South Africa playing the first match of the international event.

The 12th edition of the World Cup is being held in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14 with 10 national teams. Continue reading

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Halifax Rainman: US carpetbagger declares bankruptcy

The Rainmen. Photo: Kristen Lipscombe / Metro

The Rainmen | Kristen Lipscombe / Metro

The Halifax Rainmen were a professional basketball team based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They played most recently in the Atlantic Division of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL) and their home games took place at the Scotiabank Centre, formerly known as the Halifax Metro Centre. Continue reading

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Master’s league priorities: players first, winning second

By way of introduction
Shunpiking Magazine, October-November 2007

Watercolour by Bob Semple

ONE’s mind plays tricks with creeping age, or dementia. And so it was this past December in a wet locker room at Dalhousie’s Studley Gym, as I asked a group of fellow basketball players just when our “old mens’ league” had been formed. Most had been founding members. The discussion was hilarious. Answers ranged from 1978 through to the early 1990s. We referred to wedding registers, children’s birth certificates, school graduations, gyms and tournaments.  Continue reading


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The crisis in Canadian basketball

Here is my first and last “letter to the editor”, sent to the Halifax Daily News, 15 June 2007, at the request of colleague and prominent sportswriter A.J. Walling. I’m told by Alex that numerous other letters were also sent. The Transcontinental Inc.-owned Daily News is a media sponsor of the Halifax Rainmen franchise of the American Basketball League. None of the letters were published. – TONY SEED

HALIFAX – SOME sober questions arise from Alex J Walling’s well-researched and provocative article on the American Basketball League which is desperately trying to expand into Canada (“The ABA is a league full of holes,” 11 June 2007). Mr Walling is a veteran sports journalist, independent freelancer and columnist. He carried this investigation entirely on his own initiative and time. Continue reading

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The ABA is a league full of holes

Teams often fail to turn up, pay players a pittance, and disappear without notice. (See also the companion article, “The Crisis in Canadian Basketball” by Tony Seed, on this website)


HALIFAX (11 June 2997) – THE STORY is like taking a car trip across Canada. You never know what will take place along the journey, and you may never reach the end.

The Halifax Rainmen are slated to launch their professional life this November in the American Basketball Association.

Last week, they started selling season tickets. Continue reading

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Slave revolts, the Underground Railroad and the Baptist Church: The rise and fall of the Black Hockey League


WHEN something comes up missing or misplaced, occasionally it’s not a bad idea to look for it in your neighbour’s basement. In the case of the missing history of Black hockey players, Canada’s basement is the most logical place to look.

Hockey, arguably the fastest and most exciting team sport to watch, has traditionally been considered a white man’s game. And why wouldn’t it? Hockey, adapted from a game played by the Mi’kmaq Indians, originated in Nova Scotia, Canada, a country even today with just a two per cent Black population. And that’s up from one tenth of one per cent just 30 years ago.

Continue reading

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‘Only on the Halifax Commons, you say? Pity!’



Dear Editor,

Your coverage of plans to host the Maritime Cricket Festival later this month at our usual weekly venue (“Chopra hoping cricket festival will help raise profile of sport”, Willy Palov, The Chronicle-Herald, July 12, p.D-3) was welcome and timely.

If I might just to clarify three things from the second paragraph of the article, however. It reported: “A native of India who moved to Canada 20 years ago, [Ranjeev] Chopra has been heavily involved in the local cricket scene… He and a number of other immigrants have been getting together at the Halifax Commons every Sunday to play the game that is a national pastime in their native countries but a fringe sport here in Nova Scotia.” Continue reading

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Introducing The Africville Lakers

The first Debra Dixon Memorial Basketball Tournament for Bantam and Midget boys teams kicked off April 12, 2002 at the Community Y and St. Pat’s Alexander School in Halifax’s North End. North Preston Bulls and the Aricville Lakers captured the championships on April 14 in a packed gym. It was hosted by the dynamic new Africville Lakers’ youth program.


IF YOU SHOP in the North End of Halifax, you’ve probably been approached by one of the players with the blue-jacketed Africville Lakers for a donation to support their junior basketball program. That’s how I first encountered young Tirrell Carvery and later his dad, David Carvery, the driving force behind the program, its founder and coach, and a native of Africville. Continue reading

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Friendship First – The Justin Coward Memorial


I’M not so involved in sport these days. I play some masters’ basketball on Sunday nights during the winter and some cricket during the summer.

But, once a year, I fold up my tent, take five days off and travel to eastern Dartmouth and Cole Harbour. My time is no more than the selfless contribution of a legion of other families from the community, who also take this time off, enough to staff and run nine gyms. Here’s why:

There are tournaments and tournaments … and there is the Justin Coward Memorial, held each March just before the school break. Continue reading


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