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Child’s play: Kids’ physical activity levels are plummeting during pandemic

Professor Sarah Moore’s children enjoying physical activity outdoor | Matt Kennedy

Have your kids been less physically active over the last few months? Well, they’re not the only ones. Yvette d’Entremont of the Halifax Examiner interviewed Dalhousie University professor Sarah Moore, who led a national survey commissioned by ParticipACTION that shows kids’ activity levels have plummeted. The survey studied 1,500 children and youth in early April. Continue reading

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Bringing professional sports back to Canada in this pandemic is unsafe. Period


This week, the Toronto Blue Jays released their plan to resume ‘spring’ training in Toronto. Players will begin heading north from the United States as early as this weekend. Continue reading

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Physical activity increases life expectancy in cancer patients, study reveals

The study found that the risk of dying from cancer was 82 per cent higher compared to people who are less sedentary. Regular moderate physical activity can also cut your risk of other diseases in half

two young people jogging

Avoiding sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common recommendations of medical professionals. Recently a study revealed that life expectancy is reduced in cancer patients who did not have an active physical life. Continue reading

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The dance of millions

The real possibility of cancelling the Olympics is under consideration |  

How long will we have to wait to see the world’s top athletes compete in another edition of the Olympics? | Aym sports

The International Olympic Committee’s president has stated that if the Tokyo Games are not held in 2021, they will be cancelled. Why? Continue reading

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Sports without fans (dollars) in the stands

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

MLB, the NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA tout the surreal idea of playing in empty stadiums. Continue reading

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COVID-19 hotspot breaks out at MLB youth baseball academy in Venezuela

The Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State has seen 41 cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. (@cristobnaranjo / Twitter)

The Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State has seen 41 cases of COVID-19 over one weekend | @cristobnaranjo / Twitter

By Paul Dobson

(April 20) – According to Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez on April 17, a COVID-19 hotspot broke out at the Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State [north east Venezuela], which, together with a nearby coastguard center, has seen 62 cases so far. Continue reading

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Authentic Olympic champions: Sport applauds its stars, who save lives

When this game seems to take months of constant struggle, without an audience in the stands, confined in isolation to avoid friction, we live confident that the hall dedicated to the champions of this season will be for the health team of planet Earth: doctors, nurses , pharmacists, researchers and the rest of the huge payroll of volunteers | Jhonah Díaz González
Sport applauds life-saving stars

Sport applauds the stars

Today the world shows its most sublime face. The stars stopped being on a soccer field and the goals lost prominence in the green grass to be celebrated in a smaller space. Continue reading

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Olympics president: ‘Of course, we are considering different scenarios’

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Latest inductees to US Pro Football Hall of Fame condemn injustices

Bailey’s speech came two days after another inductee, former safety Ed Reed, was spotted at the Hall of Fame game wearing a shirt with the faces of nine black Americans killed in recent years, including Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner | JOE ROBBINS/GETTY IMAGES

(August 4) – On Saturday, Champ Bailey, who was one of eight former players and league executives inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, devoted part of his nationally televised speech to urge white Americans to pay attention to the injustices black Americans face.

“We say this to all of our white friends: When we tell you about our fears, please listen,” Bailey said at the enshrinement ceremony in Canton, Ohio. Continue reading


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Under the knife: Exposing the US’s youth basketball crisis

Basketball Canada, Raptors TV and the sports media promote the US as the “Go to” country for Canadian youth to develop their skills and make it as professionals. All six Canadians in the recent 2019 NBA draft, a record, went to US private basketball schools – in high school. Yet this occurs when the frenzied regimen of the US program is causing untold damage to American youth; players too often exhausted by marathon schedules, without proper training and with promising careers cut short because of it | Part II of a two-part series by BAXTER HOLMES, EPSN Senior Writer

(July 12) – A 3-YEAR-OLD BALL of energy named Noah bounds around a former live music venue one block from the beach in Santa Barbara. He’s surrounded by about a dozen top prep prospects from around the U.S., all here at P3 Applied Sports Science, a performance lab that has assessed the biomechanics of hundreds of the world’s best athletes, including about 350 NBA players over the past 11 years. Continue reading

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