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Manchester City first billion-euro squad in football history

For the first time in history, a football club invested more than one billion euro in transfer indemnities to assemble its squad: Manchester City. Following last summer transfer window, two clubs are close to this figure: Paris St-Germain (€913 million) and Real Madrid (€902 million). Issue number 266 of the CIES Football Observatory* Weekly Post presents the data for all teams in the big-5. Continue reading

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How mafia and corruption scandals rocked Italian football

High-profile cases of corruption, ticket touting and match fixing have led Italians to lose faith in the beautiful game, writes criminologist Anna Sergi.

Juventus has been struck by scandals | Andrea di Marco/EPA.

Football could be considered Italy’s most popular sport, with world-class teams worth billions attracting a dedicated following across the country. But more than that, football shapes the nation’s collective identity, bringing people from the smallest village to the biggest city together in their love for “the beautiful game”.

But over the past decade, media investigations and research have uncovered an unseemly lack of virtue within the industry. Mafia infiltration and corruption have come to characterise Italian football to the point that malpractice, deviance and criminal behaviour might seem to be the norm. Continue reading

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European football economics: Transfer fees go crazy

An Adidas soccer ball on the field prior to the 2018 MLS All Star Game between the MLS All-Stars and Juventus at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has apparently discovered who is to blame for the recent surge in prices on the football transfer market. “If prices are inflated then the fault lies with Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain,” he told German magazine Merkur. Continue reading

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Transfer cost to assemble the squad: Manchester City at the top

Manchester City has spent almost €1 billion in transfer indemnities to sign its present squad members (add-ons included). This obscene figure is the highest figure ever measured for a football team. The CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the data for all of the big-5 league teams in Europe.

Seven English Premier League teams are in the 11 top positions of the table. The biggest increase compared to last year was measured for Liverpool (from €437M to €704M). The Spanish giants (Barcelona and Real Madrid), Juventus and Paris St-Germain (2nd overall) are the only non-English teams in the top 11. The best-ranked German Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich, is 12th.

Total transfer expenditure to make up the squad for clubs from the five major European leagues went constantly up during the last decade. In 2010, a big-5 league had spent on average €67M to sign its squad members. In 2018, this figure reached a new record high of €161M. During the same period, the amounts invested to assemble the squad by English Premier League clubs went up from €126M to €326M.

The Premier League, whose member clubs are owned by financial oligarchs, currently has the highest percentage of foreign players of any league in the world, at 69.2 per cent.

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Fiat workers to strike over Juventus’ $116 million Cristiano Ronaldo purchase?

A vendor adjusts a Juventus' jerseys with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo exhibited in his shop in Turin, Italy July 7, 2018

© REUTERS / Massimo Pinca

It was recently confirmed that Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid for Juventus ahead of the start of the next season, and while many Italian football fanatics are excited by his entry into the Serie A League, the move has sparked some condemnation. Continue reading

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