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When Malcolm X met Fidel Castro: the photographs on Colin Kaepernick’s t-shirt.

Photograph of a 1960 meeting in Harlem with Fidel Castro and Malcolm X dated 1960.

The 1960 meeting in Harlem between Fidel Castro and Malcolm X | Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has recently decided not to stand during the national anthem, wore a Malcolm X hat and a T-shirt featuring images of the leader meeting with Fidel Castro at a press conference where he explained his protest. The T-shirt has, perhaps predictably, drawn criticism from conservative quarters; the Weekly Standard called Kaepernick’s wardrobe choice a “startling display of ignorance,” pointing to what writer Mark Hemingway called Cuba’s human rights abuses and “legacy of racism.” Setting aside an assessment of Castro’s later record on race, and whether it strengthens or undermines Kaepernick’s stance, what’s the story behind those photos, taken a year after the Cuban leader came to power, and five years before Malcolm’s death? Why did the two men meet, and what did they discuss?  Continue reading

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