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Fans sue NHL over monopolization of game broadcasts

A group of U.S. hockey fans seeking greater access to NHL broadcasts is suing the NHL reports RICK WESTHEAD in the Toronto Star. Continue reading


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TSM* NHL trade deadline news breaker

LATE breaking story! Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment trade coach Ron Wilson for a 1999th round pick in the 2020 draft.

Reached at her home, where family and friends were glued to Maple Leaf TV, his mother confirmed to TSM speculation that the coach had still not twittered the news. “If it’s not been tweeted, it can’t be true.”

Meanwhile, as of the 3:00 p.m. trade deadline today, reports that more than fifty other hockey players were to be traded by nineteen paid pundits along with four ex-general managers gathered by The Sports Network and Rogers Communications (owned by Bell Media and Rogers Sportsnet respectively, co-owners of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) were proven to be false.

A number of the highly-paid pundits have since been diagnosed with “an upper body injury” and will be assigned to the Toronto Blue Jay’s spring training complex in Dunedin, Florida for a refresher course in selling hope.

* Toronto Sports Media

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MLSE: Bell and Rogers have too much power


EVERY DAY, I hear from Rogers and Bell customers about overcharging, recurring bill errors and unfair contract terms.

Most people tell me how hard it is to reach these companies, to get through to anyone who listens and can resolve problems quickly. Continue reading

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Stadium’s funding worthy of red card

Spend cash on kids, not millionaires


OUR three levels of government feel obliged to drum up a photo op to illustrate that they have honoured their commitments to building Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s cash-grab soccer stadium on the CNE grounds.

It’s just another layer of BS around a wasteful and unnecessary project. Continue reading

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Sports channels profit from NHL lockout

Continue reading

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Raptors win! Raptors win!

… yet another press conference. Yet another born-again “Moses” (in the words of the National Post) had arrived from the United States to deliver Toronto to the Promised Land – this time from the Arizona desert.


(11 March 2006) – THE ONE GAME that the mistake by the lake excels at winning is the press conference. They sure can sell hope.

How can you miss winning? The game is played on your court. You own some of the best players on the other team. Rather like playing the Washington Generals, giving new meaning to “full court press” as an offensive strategy. Continue reading

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MLSE settles sexual abuse suit involving Ballard out-of-court

Woman alleged eight years of sexual abuse – Out-of-court settlement saves company from PR nightmare after 22 sexual abuse lawsuits against Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Continue reading

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