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Grassroots football: withering numbers

According to an informative report by ANDY HUNTER in the London Guardian, over 100,000 people have walked away from grassroots football in England since April 2012. The participation rate in English football has declined by almost ten per cent. The withering decline is mainly due to the neo-liberal, anti-social agenda pursued by the Cameron and Blair governments, who have slashed funding and put sport at the mercy of corporate profiteering. “Leisure facilities are cut and cut and cut.” Small youth teams and young people are being priced out of playing organised football. If you haven’t got a pitch, there is no choice. The Premier League, the richest professional sports league in the world, is but a facade that covers up the destruction of people’s sport. Amateur sport is portrayed as a charity (tax-deductible!), rather than a basic right of the people and essential to health. – Tony Seed

• In pictures: grassroots football on Merseyside

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