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The great ‘trade’ and the view from Miami: No free lunch? Just ask Marlins’ owner

By MAX J. CASTRO, Progresso Weekly

Field of schemes: finance capital, which lent $500 million to Miami Dade County to finance the white elephant, take the people to the cleaners in a deal brokered by Jeffrey Loria – the same ”art dealer” who snookered the Montreal Expos for a song.

MIAMI – “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” So goes the saying once famously mangled by George W. Bush. But what do you say when you are fooled not twice but thrice? Forget it, Jake, this is Miami?

I had to resort to fiddling with a memorable line from Roman Polanski’s classic movie Chinatown because popular adages don’t even cover the level of foolhardiness Miami baseball fans, public officials, and community boosters have displayed over the last fifteen years where the Marlins are concerned.

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