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Viciousness of Sportsnet, death of journalism – or Colangelo talking through Rogers’ talking heads?


bargnani_free_throw640_640SPORTS FANS, his Toronto Raptor team-mates and Andrea Bargnani and his family must have been shocked and stunned by the host of Rogers Sportsnet Connected on Monday, November 26. Leading into the 5:00-6:00 p.m. supperhour segment she asked rhetorically, “Has Andrea Bargnani’s time in Toronto run out?” Thinking it was to be a lead item I waited for the surprising news. And waited. And waited. Finally, some fifty minutes later, she flatly announced with a straight face that Mr Bargnani was on the way out and that “fans have given up on him.” (How she divined this insight only an Insider can figure out.) The host then followed up the shock attack by interviewing one of Sportsnet’s ubiquitous “Insiders,” Michael Grange, to explain it all. Is now the time to trade Andrea Bargnani, he was asked.

Mr Grange said NO!

For a brief moment I thought, wow, Rogers didn’t script this very well. Continue reading

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Sacre bleu! Why is the Globe and Mail assassinating the athlete?

Part I of two articles on the Tour de France and the cynicism of the sports media*

For Part II, see “Is sportsmanship another un-American activity


cynic a. & n. …. one who sarcastically doubts or despises human sincerity and merit; hence ~ISM

(2) n. (f. L f. Gk kunikos (kuon kunos dog, nickname for Cynic…)

ONE of the recurring adjectives sports journalists use to describe their own outlook is cynical. They seem to wear it as a hard-boiled badge of honour. They banter about it amongst themselves on the 24-hour sports talk shows. For years they joked about drugs in sports, unwillingly to take a stand. Athletes who spoke out honestly with a real concern for the direction of their sport received nothing but opprobrium for their trouble. Continue reading


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