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Sochi 2014: Respect for one’s opponent in sport (2)

Mike Babcock’s rant: “And the other thing that happens for the NHL player, and probably for you in the media, is the respect you have for the opposition.” Welcome to the G-20 Winter Games and the Harper agenda for a “new patriotism.” | TONY SEED*

Revised on February 23, 2014

juegos-olimpicos-de-Invierno-2014CANADIANS are passionate about their hockey and many other sports. Of course Canadians are rooting for their team and their athletes.

But what is taking place at the Sochi Winter Olympics is something quite different. A salient feature of the reporting and broadcasting of the hockey competition is that it is characterized by strident themes of great nation superiority and the domination by two countries, Canada and the USA. The principle that relations in sport be based on the relations of equality of nations, big and small or the principle that every nation is as equally as important as the next nation means nothing to these big nation Anglo-American chauvinists, let alone the principle of friendship between peoples and their athletes. Continue reading


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