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Olympics president: ‘Of course, we are considering different scenarios’

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Six lessons from the chaos surrounding Russian athletes


(February 2) – The decisions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport clearing 28 Russian athletes and partially clearing 11 others have thrown the Pyeongchang Olympics into chaos less than two weeks before they begin. Previously banned athletes have been cleared by the CAS to compete, but the International Olympic Committee has not yet indicated whether it will allow such competition. It is unfortunate because this problem could have been avoided by following well-known practices in jurisprudence, which are set out below. Continue reading

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NFL’s flawed concussion research and ties to tobacco Industry

Illustration by Sam Manchester/The NYT; Photographs by AP and The NYT

By Alan SchwarzWalt Bogdanich and Jacqueline Williams

(March 24) – The National Football League was on the clock.

With several of its marquee players retiring early after a cascade of frightening concussions, the league formed a committee in 1994 that would ultimately issue a succession of research papers playing down the danger of head injuries. Amid criticism of the committee’s work, physicians brought in later to continue the research said the papers had relied on faulty analysis.

Now, an investigation by The New York Times has found that the N.F.L.’s concussion research was far more flawed than previously known. Continue reading

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