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NFL: A sports cartel without balls or integrity


USdollarsHalvedExempt from the rule of law by U.S. federal legislation, the powerful sports cartels rule their domain by exception. Once again the US National Football League (NFL) is investigating itself for dirty tricks. The articulate Seattle player, Richard Sherman, denounced it openly, i.e., without fear of fine, declaring that “it looks like a conflict of interest.”

For the past three years, the NFL has faced one “moral crisis” after the other involving organized fraud, collusion, violence and cheating of the health and safety of its players, constituting a credibility crisis that is part and parcel of the overall crisis of the American economic and political system and its institutions, with economic crisis at the base.

The latest crisis: Did the New England Patriots intentionally deflate the footballs used in the first half in the AFC Championship game on January 18 to gain an unfair competitive advantage? Continue reading


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For your information: Issues in the NHL lockout

YES, it’s time for hockey. No, there’s no professional hockey a la NHL. Of course, if you or your kids play hockey, do you have time or hard-earned money to attend NHL games anyway? Nevertheless , despite the attempts of the lap-dogs in the sports media with their lucrative TV contracts to spin the NHL lockout as a “meaningless squabble” and dish the players, or reduce it to personalities (Bettman, Fehr), there are serious issues, one of which is the attempt of some very rich owners to squeeze the small market teams. Deadspin tries to explain. Continue reading

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