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Football For a Buck: How Donald Trump quarterbacked the USFL into a collapse

Doug Flutie poses with New Jersey Generals head coach Walt Michaels, left, and the Generals’ owner, Donald Trump. Trump tried to get other USFL owners to help cover Flutie’s salary.

(October 24) – Earlier this week, U.S. president Donald Trump invented a story about passing a 10 per cent tax cut for middle class Americans within the next week, even though Congress, which would have to approve the move, is out of session. He and his spokesperson also implied terrorists from the Middle East were infiltrating a caravan of Honduran migrants walking north through Mexico, toward the U.S. Continue reading

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Impunity of the NFL

By SALLY JENKINS, Washington Post

(May 10) – Read the latest legal filings against the NFL and the question that comes to mind is, where are the cops when you need them? There is direct evidence that the NFL’s medical personnel knowingly engaged in illegal painkiller abuses, yet federal law enforcement and other government arms have sat conspicuously on their hands, and have yet to issue so much as slap a wrist to the league. What’s needed and deserved here is a smack with a big stick. Continue reading

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