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Sochi 2014 costs more than the first 90 years of Winter Games

Ðóáëåâûå êóïþðû ðàçíîãî äîñòîèíñòâàThe controversial budget of the Olympic Games in Sochi is higher than all the Winter Games from 1924 until 2010 put together. Sochi 2014 is estimated to costs around 40 billion euro, where the 21 previous Winter Games cost approximately 35 billion euro altogether, a large scale archival research project reveals.

(Feb. 7): – THE first Olympic Winter Games took place in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The 22nd edition opened in Sochi on February 7th. In those 90 years, the Winter Games have grown explosively and more money than ever is involved in the organisation of the Games, both with regards to income and expenses. Continue reading

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Sochi 2014: Facts and Figures

A total of 85 countries are taking part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. About 3,000 athletes are competing for 98 sets of medals. (Ria Novosti)

Sochi 2014.Facts and FiguresClick to enlarge

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Sochi Games: Media, profits, corruption

Ðóáëåâûå êóïþðû ðàçíîãî äîñòîèíñòâàLest the Russians be blamed for all sports corruption, most of the U.S. and Canadian media does not remind us of the bribery scandal when the U.S. hosted the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2002. Tainted by the scandal, those games had to be bailed out with the help of more than $1.3 billion in federal subsidies, as Danny Schechter writes.

(Feb. 8) – THE Winter Olympics are off and running, and the media focus is about the threat of terrorism, Vladimir Putin’s motives in holding the expensive games, and why a backward town in the old Soviet Union that has been a center of human rights abuse for years is somehow – surprise, surprise – not up to the luxury standards in Los Angeles or Park City, Utah (especially for reporters who bitch the most!) Continue reading

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Sochi Winter Olympics: The media campaign against Russia


As the Olympic torch draws closer to Sochi, an international media campaign is in full swing, attempting to question Russia’s ability to provide a safe and tolerant environment for the athletes and guests of the Winter Olympics. The Oriental Review weighs in.

Setting aside the issue of whether the complaints about Russia’s human rights record or the alleged terrorist threats in Bigger Sochi region are legitimate, we should point out a couple of official goals of Olympism according to the Olympic Charter: Continue reading

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