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Technology and sports in Cuba

Centro biomedicalUsed efficiently, technologies applied to any sphere represent an advantage, especially on the path to finding feasible solutions to different problems that, without them, would be unlikely. In sports, technology has made inroads in different areas, with proven achievements in world events. Continue reading

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Recreation in the Venezuelan barrio: The true freedom of free time

With the solidarity support of Cubans, sports and recreation are continuing to transcend marginality and exclusion in Venezuela’s poor communities. 

Madelaine Acosta from Matanzas leads the most popular recreational activity in the Venezuelan neighbourhoods: Dance therapy | Dilbert Reyes Rodríguez

CARACAS (August 4) — Madelaine Acosta is in Venezuela again. “This is nothing like 2004. It’s something else, and it’s all about what we have achieved.”

She arrived here from Jagüey Grande, in Matanzas, as part of the first group of collaborators assigned to work in the country’s poorest areas, to improve the lives of inhabitants dominated by marginality and all its associated problems. Those were the first days of the social mission Barrio Adentro Deportivo, (Into the Neighbourhood with Sports) and she, like all the other original members, started from zero.  Continue reading

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Cuba: Sport will remain a right of the people

Flag ceremony of the Cuban delegation at Veracruz. Photo: Ismael Francisco / Cubadebate.

Antonio Becali | Ismael Francisco / Cubadebate.

(November 19) – Antonio Becali, president of the  National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), said today that the agency will have ensure to its maximum that sport is a right of the people. Continue reading

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Cuban Revolution established sports as a priority

After the triumph of the revolution in January 1959 Cuba established a new, human conception of sport that led to the people’s access increasing along with many other social indicators. Continue reading

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State funding guarantees physical education access for all Cubans

Cuba’s dedication to guaranteeing access to sports as a human right is shown by its large commitment of state funding. Sport, recreation and physical education are organized through the Cuba’s National Sports Institute (INDER) which receives 13 per cent of the country’s national budget. The functions of INDER include building sport and physical education infrastructure, coordinating necessary materials and overseeing sports equipment manufacturing not to mention organizing sports activities as a whole. The President of INDER is also allotted a Ministerial post and is a member of the government cabinet. Continue reading

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How the revolution transformed sports in Cuba

The following is an edited version of the speech made by Rigoberto Zarza, Consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Jamaica, at the Media Launch of the 12th Annual Renewal of the Wesley Powell National Track & Field Meet in Jamaica. This article was first posted on this website on December 11, 2014 and is being reposted on the occasion of the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.wesley powell media launch jamaica dec 3 2014 c2 Continue reading


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Cuba has qualified 403 athletes for XVII Pan Am Games in Toronto

Delegación cubana en la ceremonia inaugural de los XVI Juegos Panamericanos 2011, en el estadio Panamericano de Guadalajara, en México, el 14 de octubre de 2011.  AIN FOTO/Juan Pablo CARRERAS/sdl

Cuban delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 14, 2011 | Juan Pablo Carreras / AIN

Cubans will compete in 29 sports with more spots to be assigned in track and field, swimming, diving and tennis. “Cuba is aiming for second place among the countries at the XVII Pan American Games,” being held July 10-26 in Toronto, Canada.

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