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Newspapers could do a better job with concussion coverage: study

Cropped_brain_injuryAlthough brain injuries are greater in cycling and skiing as activities, it is professional hockey that is drawing attention. This is due to the serious risk, media glorification of violence and its infuence on youth, and the criminal negligence of big capital, which controls professional sports. DAN RALPH of Canadian Press reports on a new study that provides some information on the role of the media. The concentration of ownership of the monopoly media and NHL teams is not part of the study and is overlooked. Governance is a key issue, the study concludes, saying “We need to look at having new voices in how sports are governed …”

THERE has been a dramatic improvement in some news reporting on the severity and impact of concussions and serious brain injuries in hockey but journalists shouldn’t get carried away patting themselves on the back, according to a study of coverage in four North American newspapers.

Michael Cusimano, a neurosurgeon at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, says in a study of selected news coverage over the past 25 years that there’s plenty of room for improvement regarding the print media’s coverage of the issue. Continue reading


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