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Canadian women’s national team: the myth of small town hockey


Is this small town hockey? | discountwallcovering.com


A Maclean’s Magazine article by Aaron Hutchins asks “What can our big cities learn from Ste. Anne, Man.?” in regards to producing “a women’s hockey juggernaut, brought to you by small cities and towns.”  Of the 23 players on the national women’s team, none of them hail from any Canada’s five largest cities, which together account for 21 per cent of the Canadian population. Instead, 17 are from hometowns of less than 250,000 people. The article is an ode to the virtues of smaller communities for athlete development, focusing on increased ice time, less structured play on outdoor rinks, and even being safer. While there is some truth to these arguments (but not the safety one, the opposite is actually true; though nowhere in Canada is as dangerous as people often imagine), this romanticization is quite misleading. Continue reading

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Pond hockey – Chicago style

On ice at Soldier Field, ‘It’s like you’re a kid again’

The rink was built in preparation for a college hockey doubleheader on Feb. 17 | Megan Bearder for The New York Times

By BEN STRAUSS in the New York Times*

CHICAGO — The weather was picturesque for hockey at Soldier Field on Friday. Snow fell on a clear and cold winter night on the shore of Lake Michigan. The rest of the scene was less conventional. Two teams made up of adult recreational league players, some who only recently learned the sport, skated before more than 60,000 empty seats. Continue reading

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Rinks in Arctic turn to cooling systems

Winter has come to the vast, northernmost reaches of Canada, the sparsely populated area surrounding the Arctic Circle historically characterized by severely cold weather. But, according to JEFF Z. KLEIN in the New York Times, these days refrigeration systems are needed to keep the ice cold at hockey arenas. Continue reading

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For those who know …

Make hockey happen  www.youtube.com

Every year a group of guys leave the city behind and head into the interior of British Columbia for a week of pond hockey. For up to 10 hours a day we play in all conditions and are willing to do anything to Make Hockey Happen. Thanks Marty.

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