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Football’s inhumane schedule

For the owners of the teams and the league bosses who control the game, it really does not matter if the players play too many games | RICARDO GUERRA*

(August 10) – A lot has been said over the last few years about the gruelling nature of the yearly football schedule around the world. Several competitions have been expanded to include more teams. Consequently, players play an increased number of matches every season. Additionally, some teams are involved in two or even three competitions at the same time. In such circumstances, some players may play two whole matches a week during various parts of the season, leaving them with inadequate recovery time between matches. Continue reading

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The FIFA cabal: How colonial powers control the playing field

Four countries within the International Football Association Board essentially decide, for all the other members, behind closed doors with the top officials of FIFA, what changes are going to be made in the game | RICARDO GUERRA*

(JULY 20) – After years of deliberations and resisting the use of any sort of technology to officiate football matches, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the pre-eminent lawmaking body of the game, recently approved new systems to help determine if a ball crosses the goal line.

Many have received this news with surprise. Continue reading

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