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Notes on thuggery

All the outraged people screaming about the NFL Seattle Seahawk’s cornerback Richard Sherman should watch a professional hockey game sometime. Lots of white “goons” beating each other bloody is just good sport or “Canada’s game.” When the African-American athlete shoots his mouth off, he’s a “thug” or a N—.


Undernews (Jan. 23) – I’d like to cut a deal with Richard Sherman. I won’t compete for his gig if he doesn’t compete for mine.

After a controversial, robust interview following the NFC championship game, Sherman offered some additional thoughts. Reports Travis Waldron in the liberal Think Progress:

Richard Sherman on Wednesday said that the only thing that he regretted about his fiery post-game interview after the NFC Championship on Sunday was that it distracted the media and fans from the play of his teammates and the victory he’d earned.

But that wasn’t all that bothered him. So, too, did the fact that so many fans and media figures were quick to brand him a “thug.” Continue reading

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