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Recreation in the Venezuelan barrio: The true freedom of free time

With the solidarity support of Cubans, sports and recreation are continuing to transcend marginality and exclusion in Venezuela’s poor communities. 

Madelaine Acosta from Matanzas leads the most popular recreational activity in the Venezuelan neighbourhoods: Dance therapy | Dilbert Reyes Rodríguez

CARACAS (August 4) — Madelaine Acosta is in Venezuela again. “This is nothing like 2004. It’s something else, and it’s all about what we have achieved.”

She arrived here from Jagüey Grande, in Matanzas, as part of the first group of collaborators assigned to work in the country’s poorest areas, to improve the lives of inhabitants dominated by marginality and all its associated problems. Those were the first days of the social mission Barrio Adentro Deportivo, (Into the Neighbourhood with Sports) and she, like all the other original members, started from zero.  Continue reading

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Master’s league priorities: players first, winning second

By way of introduction
Shunpiking Magazine, October-November 2007

Watercolour by Bob Semple

ONE’s mind plays tricks with creeping age, or dementia. And so it was this past December in a wet locker room at Dalhousie’s Studley Gym, as I asked a group of fellow basketball players just when our “old mens’ league” had been formed. Most had been founding members. The discussion was hilarious. Answers ranged from 1978 through to the early 1990s. We referred to wedding registers, children’s birth certificates, school graduations, gyms and tournaments.  Continue reading


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