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Sighting. Sport and nature: a perfect combination

Enjoy some of the moments of the Titan Tropic Cuba …

Sport and nature: a perfect combination (+ photos)
Cyclists pedaling for stage four-Viñales Viñales (73 km), in Pinar del Rio, the first edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES of Mountain Bike. (Calixto Llanes / Juventud Rebelde)

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Sighting. Gaza’s amateur sports facilities destroyed by Israeli strikes

Gaza’s sports facilities – already suffering under siege – were reduced into rubble by Israeli bombs. The deliberate devastation reinforces the just demand for the right of the Palestinian people for self-determination.

11.Sport facilities gaza

Israel’s 51-day military offensive in late summer 2014 reportedly killed 32 athletes and wounded 27 others while also destroying some 30 sports facilities, including gyms and stadiums. The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Gaza estimated the overall damage in the sports sector to exceed three million dollars. – Mohammed Asad, Middle East Eye

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Sighting. Venues of the Sochi Olympics

Aerial view on Sochi Olympic Park at the Coastal Cluster.

An aerial view on Sochi Olympic Park (Coastal Cluster). The whole area on the sea-side was redeveloped for hosting Winter Olympics.

In its campaign to discredit the Sochi Olympics, the imperialist press has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous: exaggerating the cost by including the costs of venues constructed to develop Sochi as a year-round tourist resort to, as in this New York Times piece,  The Darkness Behind Sochi’s Sparkle, a front page piece looking for lost doorknobs and missing pillows.  For the information of readers, this photo review of Spectacle Sochi, the facilities and infrastructure and their aim:

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