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Trump breaks Cuba-US baseball agreement

It is not news that the Trump administration has canceled the agreement signed by the MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation, on December 19, after three years of hard work by both parties.

And it is not because the agreement sought to end the human suffering of Cuban athletes. Continue reading

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Cuban Baseball Federation and MLB reach historic agreement

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Here’s Johnny

A radio-controlled flying witch flies past a moon setting into clouds along the pacific ocean in Carlsbad, California

REUTERS/Mike Blake*


What about the neo-colonial mentality and behaviour of the monopoly sports media? Every foreign star who touches down in Canada is celebrated as some singular being, and Canadians are supposed to be blessed and thankful for the favour of paying to watch them perform.

Throughout the past week, the sports media has been hyping non-stop the first start of American football quarterback Johnny Manziel in the Canadian Football League. A former NFL first round draft pick, his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns were marred by off-field troubles including spousal abuse. He has not played since the end of the 2015 season. Continue reading

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Who is singing now?


(July 11, revised July 19) – The world has been saved from an England-France Brexit final at the 2018 World Cup, renditions of “Three Lions” and “Rule Britannia” in the stadiums, and the tsunami of British chauvinism unashamedly embraced by the Canadian media.

What goes around, comes around. The dodgy English threw their final match in the opening round with Belgium back on June 28 with the pretext of resting players and avoiding injuries for the Round of 16. “Sometimes, you have to make decisions with the bigger picture, and that’s what I did tonight,” rationalized head coach Gareth Southgate at the time – as if the decision was his and his alone. That “bigger picture” seems to have included getting a better draw in the knockout stage, that is, to avoid Brazil and therein build the size of the betting pool, the TV market, the revenues of the English Football Association, and a “hearts and minds” diversion from the Brexit crisis at home – giving a new definition to match fixing and a level playing field. Such are the elastic ethics of England.  Continue reading


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A World Cup without immigrants? Here’s what the teams would look like without them


Denmark’s team, including the Ugandan-born Pione Sisto, poses before a friendly match with Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden. June 2, 2018. | Reuters

(teleSur) – Football is played everywhere by everyone.

People migrate for different reasons. Some leave their country of origin due to economic conditions, others flee violence, and some get contracts with football clubs. Finding a European team without immigrants is difficult and these players, often some of the world’s best, often leave their countries of origin at an early age in the hope of securing better opportunities, which tell us something about how the world actually works. Continue reading

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SAFA President: Too many foreigners in African World Cup teams

  • Africa was the worst-performing continent with all five representatives exiting at the group stages.

    Africa was the worst-performing continent with all five representatives exiting at the group stages | Reuters

“We need to revisit the issue of awarding citizenship… Morocco had four Spanish-born players… four of Dutch heritage and five who were born in France.”

Continue reading

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Nearly quarter of players at Rugby World Cup represented countries they were not born in

World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont, centre, chaired the Executive Board meeting in Buenos Aires ©World Rugby
 (Oct. 4) – World Rugby have set up a new working group to establish whether its rules on player eligibility are “fit for purpose”, they announced today.

The topic came to the fore during last year’s Rugby World Cup in England. Continue reading

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