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Today in sport history. The first African-American in the NBA

US professional basketball was officially segregated until 1950

PLAY AUDIOblackamericaweb.com (Oct. 31) – TODAY marks the anniversary that basketball great Earl Lloyd, Sr.became the first African-American in the NBA. Lloyd, who was a student at West Virginia State College, was chosen as a 9th round draft pick by the Washington Capitols. He was unaware that he was chosen until a fellow student on campus mentioned a rumor that he’d be moving to Washington. Continue reading

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The ‘match of death’: When Dynamo Kiev defied the Nazis

Slowly, each player raised his arm, only to snap it back into their chests and shout ‘FitzcultHura’, which loosely translated means ‘long live sport’ … the traditional Soviet salute before a match

Monument in Kiev for the death match against the SS soccer team of fascist Germany | Erstmalklarkommen

(2005, August 6)* – THIS AUGUST marks the 63rd anniversary of one of the most extraordinary events in football history, yet it is a tale that is not widely known, the story of how Kiev footballers defeated Nazi Germany. It is a tale of courage that shows both what football can do, and mean, for people. Continue reading


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