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FIFA fines Ukraine for ‘Right Sector’ flag during match in Poland

(November 4 2016) – The red-black flag is considered to be offensive for Poles as the flag of the Ukrainian nationalists.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has decided to fine the Football Federation of Ukraine 15,000 Swiss Francs for the “discriminatory and unsportsmanlike behaviour of fans.” This was reported by Ukrainian media. Continue reading

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Outrageous! Ukraine asks UEFA for permission to use Nazi SS symbols

Photo shows Nazi SS Galician banner in Ukraine football stadium

Photo shows “patriotic” Nazi SS Galician banner in in the Lviv Arena stadium in Ukraine

These articles were originally published by this blog on December 3, 2014 and are being republished on the occasion of EURO 2016 now underway in France, in which Ukraine is competing. Violent clashes took place on June 11 between English and Russian hooligans in Marseille. (Note: On June 14, in a brazen political maneouvre, EUFA arbitrarily levied Russia with a suspended disqualification and €150,000 fine as French authorities set to deport up to 50 Russian fans. No action was taken against England.)

“We have yet to win back our symbols and to uphold them.” Condemn this growing fascism!

Oleksandr Hlyvynskyi, press attaché of Ukraine’s national football team, asked UEFA for permission to use “SS-Galicia” logos Hlyvynskyi said this during a roundtable discussion on the subject “The patriotic dimension of football: Fan culture.” Continue reading

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Mass racist assembly in Kiev Stadium

 Condemn this growing fascism!

Commentary by TONY SEED

Ukrainian soccer fans in Lviv doing a Nazi salute against their own team member. (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

Ukrainian soccer fans in Lviv doing a Nazi salute against their own team member | YouTube screenshot

This video from May 2014 shows a mass, disturbing demonstration of racism and Russiaphobia. Under the banners of the Nazi Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector), the stadium sings “Those that do not jump are Russian” (using as Russian a word that is a degrading epithet, moskal): Continue reading

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Euro 2012 contractors declare bankruptcy

Construction Work

Construction Work (Photo credit: gullevek)

POLAND’S third largest construction company and one of the Euro 2012 contractors, PBG, and two of its subsidiaries declared bankruptcy this Monday (June 4th) because of liquidity problems stemming from infrastructure contracts and road work done in preparation for the Euro 2012. The tournament opens today in Warsaw. Continue reading

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Euro 2012: Ukraine’s PR disaster

The Ukrainian government had high hopes that co-hosting the Euro 2012 would be Ukraine’s European coming out party. For now, the tournament remains a PR disaster, highlighting mostly corruption scandals and political turmoil, writes Ukraine-based journalist Mark Rachkevych in his second of two articles on Ukraine’s Euro 2012 preparations. Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Euro 2012 preparations rife with corruption and overspending

IN THE first of two articles on Euro 2012 co-host Ukraine, Ukraine-based journalist Mark Rachkevych presents the rocky road of Ukraine’s Euro 2012 preparations. We are publishing this article and its companion for information of our readers. Overspending and corruption cases have surrounded the country’s construction and infrastructure projects in preparation for the tournament. However, the Eurocentric bias is evident as two of the original and central aims of Euro 2012, the annexation and integration of the Ukraine and Poland into the European Union and NATO and the neo-liberal agenda, is kept in the shade. Nor does the writer even treat soccer/football in Ukraine, where only a minority of players for Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev are Ukrainian (5 of 24 on Donetsk, and 12 of 25 for Kiev) – and most of these are not regulars. Sound familiar? Continue reading

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The ‘match of death’: When Dynamo Kiev defied the Nazis

Slowly, each player raised his arm, only to snap it back into their chests and shout ‘FitzcultHura’, which loosely translated means ‘long live sport’ … the traditional Soviet salute before a match

Monument in Kiev for the death match against the SS soccer team of fascist Germany | Erstmalklarkommen

(2005, August 6)* – THIS AUGUST marks the 63rd anniversary of one of the most extraordinary events in football history, yet it is a tale that is not widely known, the story of how Kiev footballers defeated Nazi Germany. It is a tale of courage that shows both what football can do, and mean, for people. Continue reading


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