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Selling hope and the bobblehead boys

fieldofschemes-BurnsRatnerRogers Sportsnet is blowing its horn. “Our own Damien Cox,” it reported tonight, to paraphrase, has the scoop on the appointment of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s (MLSE) new president, Brendan Shanahan. The NHL executive is further being called “the former Olympic champion.” Damien Cox is a Toronto Star columnist and a regular on PrimeTimeSports.

How do journalistic scoops and exclusives work these days? A few days ago, we blew the whistle on W5’s “scoop” on the Canadian Special Forces operating in West Africa, which was actually arranged by the Department of National Defence. Rogers owns 50 per cent of MLSE and a new $5 billion contract for TV rights to Canadian NHL games. Does one think this “exclusive” non-story was going to be leaked from the boardroom of the MLSE empire to the CBC? Continue reading

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