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Limardo brothers from Venezuela make history at 2019 Pan American Games

(August 7) – Ruben and Jesus Limardo battled for the gold medal in the Men’s Individual Epee fencing competition at Lima 2019, becoming the first brothers to compete in the final in the history of the Pan American Games. Continue reading

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Venezuela beats US football team 3-0 prior to Copa America 2019

The national Venezuelan team showed a well-played football with few to no mistakes, finishing the match on Sunday with a confidence-boosting victory of 3-0 in a friendly game in Cincinnati.

Salomon Rondon has become Venezuela’s historic top-scorer with 24 overall goals | @foetball247

(June 9) – The Venezuelan national football team stunned their United States counterpart on Sunday with a confidence-boosting victory of 3-0 in a friendly match in Cincinnati, as part of preparatory games for Copa America 2019. Continue reading

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Canada falls 84-76 to Venezuela in basketball World Cup qualifying

Venezuela (8-1) took sole possession of qualifying Group F with the win. Canada fell to second place at 7-1, but still looks like a strong contender to advance with two of its final three qualifying games at home. Continue reading

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Recreation in the Venezuelan barrio: The true freedom of free time

With the solidarity support of Cubans, sports and recreation are continuing to transcend marginality and exclusion in Venezuela’s poor communities. 

Madelaine Acosta from Matanzas leads the most popular recreational activity in the Venezuelan neighbourhoods: Dance therapy | Dilbert Reyes Rodríguez

CARACAS (August 4) — Madelaine Acosta is in Venezuela again. “This is nothing like 2004. It’s something else, and it’s all about what we have achieved.”

She arrived here from Jagüey Grande, in Matanzas, as part of the first group of collaborators assigned to work in the country’s poorest areas, to improve the lives of inhabitants dominated by marginality and all its associated problems. Those were the first days of the social mission Barrio Adentro Deportivo, (Into the Neighbourhood with Sports) and she, like all the other original members, started from zero.  Continue reading

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Fidel hails Maradona, Messi

Fidel Castro-Diego MaradonaI was astonished to read a cheap, personal attack defaming Diego Maradona by Cathal Kelly in the Toronto Globe and Mail as part of its World Cup 2014 coverage.

Creating a fake comparison with Pele, this scribbler from the north wrote “The second greatest player in history has been a shrunken presence at this World Cup…” He went on to attack how “Maradona used the platform of his TV talk show [on the Venezuelan-based TV network Telesur] to compare Suarez’s four-month ban to ‘throwing him into Guantanamo’ and “coaxed the president of Uruguay into agreeing that FIFA was aligned against his country.” 

A few days ago I came across the following report of a June 23rd message from Fidel Castro to Diego Maradona, also reported in The Independent and the Guardian. Kelly’s report was dated June 27, 2014. Coincidence? Hidden political agenda? Judge for yourself. – Tony Seed Continue reading

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The moral importance of the World Baseball Classic

Reflections by FIDEL CASTRO

IN THE early days of the Revolution, the Olympics were an event for amateurs.

When the concepts of developed capitalism managed to infiltrate the Olympics, sports stopped being a health and education issue, which had been its main goals throughout history.

The only country in the world where that character prevailed was Cuba, which for many years won the highest number of gold medals per inhabitant. Continue reading

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