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Fidel hails Maradona, Messi

Fidel Castro-Diego MaradonaI was astonished to read a cheap, personal attack defaming Diego Maradona by Cathal Kelly in the Toronto Globe and Mail as part of its World Cup 2014 coverage.

Creating a fake comparison with Pele, this scribbler from the north wrote “The second greatest player in history has been a shrunken presence at this World Cup…” He went on to attack how “Maradona used the platform of his TV talk show [on the Venezuelan-based TV network Telesur] to compare Suarez’s four-month ban to ‘throwing him into Guantanamo’ and “coaxed the president of Uruguay into agreeing that FIFA was aligned against his country.” 

A few days ago I came across the following report of a June 23rd message from Fidel Castro to Diego Maradona, also reported in The Independent and the Guardian. Kelly’s report was dated June 27, 2014. Coincidence? Hidden political agenda? Judge for yourself. – Tony Seed Continue reading

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The World Cup of Marketing Part 2: Nike v Adidas

Soccer Corporatization(July 3) – Last week we’ve talked about fierce World Cup marketing battles between big names, like Nike and Adidas. But how do brands market on generic fans, a.k.a., less sporty people?

Coca Cola, the official sponsor, has taken a slightly different marketing approach. Continue reading

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The World Cup of Marketing Part 1: Nike v Adidas

Stephanie Barnes, cubasi.cu

Soccer Corporatization(July 3) – After spending yesterday morning glued to the USA vs. Germany game, Marketo has officially contracted World Cup Fever.

But we aren’t just in it for the team rivalry – we’ve also been fascinated by the ads. The FIFA World Cup is more than a sporting event; it’s a chance for brands to go head to head on our TVs, our mobile devices, and all over social media.

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Brazil 2 – Colombia 1

2014 FIFA World CupA great match, and what camaraderie and sportsmanship at the end. Players for Colombia were obviously disappointed, and those for Brazil were incredibly respectful of their challengers. That’s how the game should be played… (Thanks Mark Rushton)

It was a rough match. There were a total of 54 fouls in the match — the most at this World Cup. Continue reading

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Algeria striker announces team will donate World Cup prize money

Homecoming: The Algerian squad are paraded through Algiers on an open-top bus on Wednesday

Homecoming: The Algerian squad are paraded through Algiers on an open-top bus on Wednesday

Tony Seed (July 3) – Algeria striker Islam Slimani said that the team will donate their World Cup prize money to the people in Gaza because “they need it more than us.” It will be a solid contribution, around $9 million. Surely a gesture for respect.

Islam Slimani

Algeria striker Islam Slimani

Previously the team had dedicated their victory in the opening round to Palestine. They followed that up by playing an inspired game that scared top-ranked Germany, which was fortunate to win in extra-time.

The astounding act of kindness was revealed by journalist Waleed Abu Nada earlier today. Continue reading

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Belgium 2, USA 1: ‘Red Devils’ bedevil the devil

Dries Mertens deflects the ball narrowly wide of the American goal

2014 FIFA World CupThe “Red Devils” bedevilled the devil. The country that hosts the NATO headquarters – at a time of economic hardship, NATO is constructing a huge new $1 billion headquarters in Brussels. The eight-floor structure contains enough blast-proof glass to cover 10 football fields – ousted the military bloc’s supreme commander in a World Cup match played in Salvador, Brazil on July 1st. The significance of the match was as much off the pitch, as on.

The American Dream

The thinly disguised shock and disappointment of the TV broadcasters and sports media, which clearly wanted the United States to go through to the final rounds for commercial and political reasons, at the victory and the disparity in play was all too apparent. Continue reading


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Robben confessed penalty unfair, says Mexico captain


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