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New book on Sam Langford a knockout!

Sam Langford (1884-1956), a native of Weymouth Falls, NS. He fought over 600 bouts and was considered by many to be the uncrowned heavyweight champion of the world. He battled both his ring opponents and racial discrimination to win his place in history.


(May 13, 2008) – I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS for everyone who is a student of boxing history – and anyone who enjoys a story about a great man’s struggle against adversity.

Clay Moyle, an author and boxing historian from Edgewood, Wash., has written the definitive biography of Sam Langford, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Continue reading

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Much more than a trip around the bases

Home-run trot turns from disaster to display of sportsmanship

By JIM LITKE, Associated Press

(May 2, 2008) – IT’S HARD to praise sportsmanship without sounding like a chump.

We celebrate cunning, guile and trash-talking in our games every day, but sportsmanship exactly once a year, which in case you missed it, officially came and went March 4. Yet every so often, those same games produce a gesture so grand it reminds you that sportsmanship will always be more about strength than weakness. Maybe that’s why it remains the exception instead of the rule. Continue reading

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