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Montreal’s new tourism minister wants to spend $250m on a new Olympic Stadium roof, just like old tourism minister

What do you get for a stadium that’s already had one retractable roof replaced by a non-retractable roof when the original retractable roof failed to retract? How about a new (possibly retractable) roof!

“It’s time we gave prestige and standing back to the Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium,” [Québec Tourism Minister Caroline] Proulx told reporters at a news conference. “For too long it has been not loved or under-loved by Quebecers.”…

“We will be working on replacing the roof, it is mandatory to change the roof,” Proulx said. “We will change the roof. The business plan will be tabled in the next few months.”

This is not the first we’ve heard of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium getting a new roof — a year and a half ago, the previous tourism minister floated spending about $250 million on one, which at the time I called “just madness.” There are certainly times when stadiums need repairs — for Olympic Stadium, this has historically been “pretty much always” — but spending $250 million on a new roof, retractable or otherwise, is a hella expensive way to provide “standing and prestige,” especially when past roofs have only resulted in scandal and ridicule. MORE

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Moncton’s bid to host the Francophone Games is a disaster


Large sporting events — the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, what have you — as a rule are economic disasters and black hole budget items for governments. That’s because backers always oversell their ability to control costs and overestimate the economic impact of such games. Continue reading

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Obscene and incredibly expensive US college football stadiums

(CNN) – See if you can wrap your mind around this eye-popping price tag for a renovated college football stadium in Texas: half a billion dollars. Continue reading

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MLS and its money-grubbing Canadian franchises

Soccer CorporatizationYou really have to wonder about MLS and its leadership more and more every day, don’t you?

Having two weeks off between the conference semifinals and finals for an international break is just bad planning but at some level it was something they had no say in.

But the money-grubbing decision to shift Game 1 of the Toronto-Montreal series from Stade Saputo to the Big Owe in Montreal not only shows a callous disregard for the players and fans, it’s just a blatant attempt to stuff the pockets of the owners and league. Continue reading

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ESPN tried to shame Cuba but instead highlighted the US’s own sports dystopias

What is wrong with this twitter? First, there’s no people in the photo. ESPN could be saying that nobody is outside because they’re all watching the game between Cuba’s national team and the Tampa Bay Rays where the tickets were free, compared to the megabucks one has to pay in the US or the Rogers Centre. In other words, this was such an interesting game that nothing else much is going on. But then the photo – like all the hyperbole that Cuba’s sports infrastructure is “crumbling” – blew up in EPSN’s face, as MATT NOVAK documents.

ESPN Tried to Shame Cuba's Slums But Instead Highlighted America's Own Sports Dystopias

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Australian state sells off government agency to build more stadiums

Neil deMause, fieldofschemes.com

fieldofschemes-BurnsRatnerThe premier of the Australian state of New South Wales is selling off an entire governmental department to raise money to upgrade Sydney’s sports stadiums. I am not shitting you:

Hot on the heels of the privatisation of the state’s electricity poles and wires, the Baird government is selling the operations of the Land and Property Information Service – hopefully for a 10-figure sum – to help fund its $1 billion-plus upgrade of Sydney’s sports stadiums.  Continue reading

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Boston 2024 Olympic bid was risky, says new report

Photo: The Boston 2024 logo | Wikipedia

(August 20) – In a state-backed report, consultants find the Boston 2024 bid’s costs to be underestimated and the benefits overestimated. Boston 2024 organisers say the report missed out on details and is flawed. Continue reading

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