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COVID-19 hotspot breaks out at MLB youth baseball academy in Venezuela

The Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State has seen 41 cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. (@cristobnaranjo / Twitter)

The Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State has seen 41 cases of COVID-19 over one weekend | @cristobnaranjo / Twitter

By Paul Dobson

(April 20) – According to Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez on April 17, a COVID-19 hotspot broke out at the Roberto Vahlis youth baseball academy on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State [north east Venezuela], which, together with a nearby coastguard center, has seen 62 cases so far. Continue reading

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XVIII Pan Am Games: A world away


Do you remember the Pan-American Games in 2015 in Toronto? It was a festival of sport and friendship of more than 6,000 young athletes from the Americas with venues throughout Southern Ontario. To raise the army of volunteers needed for various tasks, more than 60,000 people came forward to be selected, and of these only a third were chosen. Canada organized a delegation of its top athletes, who finished second in the medal standing. The Rogers Centre was packed for the closing ceremonies. The hosts built more than ten new facilities and 15 others were remodelled, to inspire the crowds that filled them. The privately-owned Hamilton Tiger Cats even finally walked away with a new stadium paid for by public tax dollars and renamed after some coffee chain owned in Brazil. Continue reading


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Trump breaks Cuba-US baseball agreement

It is not news that the Trump administration has canceled the agreement signed by the MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation, on December 19, after three years of hard work by both parties.

And it is not because the agreement sought to end the human suffering of Cuban athletes. Continue reading

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Cuban Baseball Federation and MLB reach historic agreement

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Oilers cross Boston picket line


On October 7, the Edmonton Oilers hockey team checked in at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Boston, a Marriott hotel. As they got off the bus, the team was greeted by a group of hotel workers on strike, members of Local 26 of the Hospital and Food Servers Union. 7,700 Marriott workers are out in six cities across the USA: San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco, San Jose, and Boston. They are demanding the richest hotel company in the world recognize them. Continue reading

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Are sports organizations playing a role in America’s obesity problem?

Sports Sponsorsby 

Last September, the National Football League struck a deal with Frito-Lay that allowed the company to produce limited-edition bags of Tostitos tortilla chips, with each package bearing the logo of one of 19 featured NFL teams. Several months earlier, Major League Baseball announced that Nathan’s Famous would be its first-ever official hot dog. Now the first-ever comprehensive analysis of such food and beverage sponsorships by major sports organizations shows just how pervasive these deals are. The confusing messages they send about physical fitness and healthy eating habits can’t be helping our national problem with obesity [1]. Continue reading

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Learning from baseball’s past?

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum boss Bob Kendrick sees hope for the future of Black players in the majors despite declining numbers. Here’s why . . . | LAURA ARMSTRONG

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