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North Korea’s Arirang Mass Games

The greatest show on earth, in my opinion. Taking place in the world’s largest stadium (seats 150,000), 100,000 performers, mostly amateur. 50,000 of which are doing the most intricate of card glyphic. For my personal 10-minute video, shot on my point and shoot camera see:!/photo.php?v=10150577897092252&set=vb.679047251&type=3&theater

Also for complete tour photos go to: Then scroll down to “KFA Delegation August 2010.” Clip to open album.

I visited North Korea August 2010 with a Korean Friendship Delegation. The Mass Games were the highlight of the program. After seeing this its hard to believe our domestic information on this country as a backward starving prison camp.

I was shocked on seeing Pyongyang. It looked very clean with beautiful modern buildings in a good state of repair. Transportation was also good. The Pyongyang metro with stations that look more like the inside of a cathedral, makes Toronto Metro look third world and drab.

I do a PowerPoint presentation on that trip for anyone interested.

The following URLS link to the complete professionally shot video in three parts. Enjoy.

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NFL: A sports cartel without integrity

The National Football League (NFL), faced with lawsuits from over 1,000 ex-players, admits it is facing a “concussion crisis” – its cover-up for a football and a credibility crisis. The negligence of the corporate owners of the safety of the athletes is not confined to brain injuries, as SALLY JENKINS of the Washington Post writes. The Washington Redskins NFL franchise invested in quarterback Robert Griffin III, then everyone put his future in jeopardy.

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Rinks in Arctic turn to cooling systems

Winter has come to the vast, northernmost reaches of Canada, the sparsely populated area surrounding the Arctic Circle historically characterized by severely cold weather. But, according to JEFF Z. KLEIN in the New York Times, these days refrigeration systems are needed to keep the ice cold at hockey arenas. Continue reading

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