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Russ Conway, 70, dies; His reporting led to a hockey boss’s downfall

While the Canadian sports media was mute, a US journalist detailed the corrupt acts of Alan Eagleson, the head of the NHL players’ union – a former Tory Party president – laying the groundwork for successful prosecutions in the United States and Canada. One of the most important conclusions, although not dealt with in this article by RICHARD SANDOMIR of The New York Times, is how easily the media back then was fooled by so many spinmeisters like Eagleson. As today, there was no shortage of journalists reporting that everything was hunky-dory in the NHL. 

The sportswriter Russ Conway in 1999 after learning that he would be receiving the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award for his reporting on the head of the N.H.L. players’ union | Carl Russo

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How mafia and corruption scandals rocked Italian football

High-profile cases of corruption, ticket touting and match fixing have led Italians to lose faith in the beautiful game, writes criminologist Anna Sergi.

Juventus has been struck by scandals | Andrea di Marco/EPA.

Football could be considered Italy’s most popular sport, with world-class teams worth billions attracting a dedicated following across the country. But more than that, football shapes the nation’s collective identity, bringing people from the smallest village to the biggest city together in their love for “the beautiful game”.

But over the past decade, media investigations and research have uncovered an unseemly lack of virtue within the industry. Mafia infiltration and corruption have come to characterise Italian football to the point that malpractice, deviance and criminal behaviour might seem to be the norm. Continue reading

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Journalist in Ghana who exposed soccer corruption shot dead

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‘Sports integrity’: The surreptious Saudi campaign to steal the World Cup away from Qatar

Currently, a battle is going on between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, one that is affecting international football as well. There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia wants to take the World Cup away from Qatar in 2022. The “Foundation for Sports Integrity” was launched in a lavish setting in London in May with buzz words about “transparency” and “corruption” that made several participants ask about the source of the money. Two of them were Andreas Selliaas and Jan Jensen*, who have tried to track the secret backers of the new initiative. Jim Waterson of the Guardian also weighs in with additional facts. Interestingly, with regard to awarding the FIFA World Cup 2026, which was announced later in Moscow in July, Saudi Arabia backed the winning, so-called “United” bid of the United States, Canada and Mexico, while Qatar backed the Morocco bid.

Panel discussion at the FFSI conference | Andreas Selliaas

(London, Updated 28 June) – The Foundation for Sports Integrity (FFSI) was launched at the fashionable Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square in London on 31 May. The founder of the FFSI is Jaimie Fuller, the Chairman of SKINS, one of the persons behind the initiative New FIFA Now and a familiar face to those attending Play the Game conferences.

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FIFA defends bans for defamation, spreading ‘false information’

AP (Aug. 15) – Justifying an overhaul of its ethics code, FIFA asserted Tuesday that people who “tarnish the reputations of others” must be banned from soccer.

The Associated Press revealed Monday that a new offence of defamation had been added to the document governing the conduct of participants in soccer, with scope for a ban of up to five years from the game. Continue reading

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2018 World Cup: How England threw a game

Photo: Matthias Hangst (Getty)

(June 28) – In today’s crucial group stage match between England and Belgium, the Brits narrowly managed to come out on top by coming out on bottom of a hard-fought 1-0 loss. With this phenomenal loss, England won entry to the much weaker side of the knockout round bracket, and now have a clear lane to the World Cup semifinal. Continue reading

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Basketball: Organized cheating and corruption by US universities

Here is the case in a nutshell

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