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The Skin I’m In

Reviewed by CURTIS COWARD*

Shunpiking Magazine, Black History & African Heritage Supplement

The Skin I’m In: Racism, Sports and Education

By Christopher M. Spence

Fernwood Publishing, Blacks Point Ns, $15.95

HE HARDLY FITS the dumb jock stereotype. Author Christopher M. Spence is a former professional football player with the B.C. Lions; he holds a doctorate in education, lectures at York University and Humber College and is the principal at Lawrence Heights Middle School in Toronto. The Skin I’m In identifies the past and present problems of black athletes and the education system, yet he also highlights solutions to begin correcting the ongoing inequities and mistakes within the relationship.

A very valid message is delivered to students who place sports participation ahead of academic achievement, and an attempt is made to educate educators to fight against inequality, racism, and injustice in the education system and society. Continue reading

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